Operation Exodus was one of Dragonstorm's most ambitious operations. It involved completely separating Lab 101, their base of operations, from the rest of Pelvanida and evacuating it with the safety of a flanking convoy. It was only to happen in the most dire of circumstances, if the entire operation was at risk of being destroyed.

It was only possible because of the incredible power Dragonstorm gained over Pelvanida following the terrorist incident. The Lab was built to have wheels and to be relatively easy to remove if the time came. All known personnel who opposed them were fired and replaced with more Dragonstorm members from exterior bases.

However, James' team's incredibly successful infiltration of Pelvanida forced the leaders to declare Operation Exodus. Despite setbacks, the convoy escaped with the lab after a car chase throughout Las Vegas.

Known personnel involved in Operation ExodusEdit

  • Roger Simpson (died somehow; identity was assumed by Rudyard Shelton)

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