"Origins" is a collection of bonus scenes released by LettuceBacon&Tomato with the complete series of Chasing Seconds on October 23, 2013. It features brief scenes showcasing the main characters and their relationships with their parents. Originally designed to serve as bookends for each of the middle episodes, they were deemed unfitting and only the one focusing on James Zanasiu Jr made it into an episode, "The Meaning of Love".

Florence Brennan's sceneEdit

In a run-down and filthy house, Florence is an 8-year old attempting to get her mother to sign a permission slip that would let her go on a school field trip to a museum. However, her mother is busy having a threesome with Slash and Agito and proves unwilling to focus on the problem at hand until it is too late and Florence has missed the bus.

Malte Kerzach's sceneEdit

A 9-year old Malte is sitting in the living room of Kerzach Mansion attempting to complete a physics project. He unwittingly is forced to hear his parents as they argue; Dr. Yuri Kerzach claims he is going to meet with the National Science Foundation board members and celebrate the recent opening of a Smithsonian exhibit dedicated to the Einstein-Rosen bridge and its creators, while Alexandra Kerzach has reviewed his credit history and suspects that he is going off to sleep with somebody in a hotel, possibly a maid of theirs named Alyssa. Dr. Kerzach storms out of the house, slamming the door which breaks Malte's project.

James Zanasiu Jr's sceneEdit

From his second-floor window, ten-year old Junior watches his father climb into the family car and drive away. His mother Sharon Varma-Zanasiu comes up and enforces her belief that Junior's father loves him and is doing this for Junior's future. Junior asks why his father didn't come up to say goodbye. Sharon has no answer.

Pomson's sceneEdit

A juvenile Pomson captures and kills a rabbit in the harsh Nevadan desert. Throwing it on a cart, she prepares to head home with her sizeable bounty. However, she is accosted by a trio of bobcats and much of her food is eaten. She is rescued by her father and two terrorists, one of which is Hans. Her father expresses dissapointment she was unable to bring the troops breakfast, as the Pelvanida breakin was toay and they would go hungry. He further states that because she failed, she will not be allowed to particpate in the assault. He leaves her with her ruined breakfast and tells her not to return to town until midday, when she has eaten the remaining scraps of her ruined catches.

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