For the anti-matter version, see Pelvanida (anti-matter).

For the virtual reality version, see Pelvanida (virtual).

Pelvanida Base is the primary setting of the first and second RPs, and several of the stories. It's a military research station in the remote deserts of Nevada.


Prior to 2009, Dr. Bruce Tinner introduced his virtual reality machine and a testing team led by Dr. Shelton entered the machine in a trial run. The machine was not cleared for further use. (Schrödinger's Prisoners)

In February 2009, a team of desert-based terrorists attacked the facility. They were defeated through the combined efforts of the surviving staff, under the de facto leader Dr. James Zanasiu. (Darwin's Soldiers)

After February 2009, an underground group called Dragonstorm, while already established before the terrorist invasion, took advantage of the repair operations to strengthen their hold over the facility, and many of the non-sympathizing scientists from the attack, such as Zanasiu, were fired from their posts. In retaliation, in July 2009, Dr. Zanasiu led a team of these fired scientists and experiments to flush Dragonstorm out, and in the process Pelvanida was destroyed by an airstrike from Crimson Base. (Survival of the Fittest)


Pelvanida had a large staff composed of many diverse species. Those include:

Prior to February 2009:

February 2009:

July 2009:


Prior to February 2009:

February 2009:

July 2009:

Notable LocationsEdit


  • Pelvanida is explictly stated to be mostly underground.
  • Pelvanida's design draws cues from Serris's local community hospital and Area 51. There are rumors that the Integrated Science Building at the College of William and Mary inspired its design. However, that rumor is false as the Integrated Science Building was under construction at the time the first RP was launched.
  • Pelvanida is self sufficient when it comes to power and sewage disposal.
  • Pelvanida's power source is a gigawatt class fusion reactor.
  • New Pelvanida was named after it.

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