Pelvanida Research Base was a military research base stationed in the deserts of Nevada.


Not as much is known about this base as it's matter-universe universe. Constructed some time before 3009, it was targeted in a concentrated attack of terrorists led by Ashley. The attack was largely successful, despite an assortment of scientists and other personnel fighting back (Darwin's Soldiers.) During the assault, Crimson Base recieved a message from Ender McThair, and decided to bio-bomb the base rather than risk the experiments escaping. The only known survivors of the bomb were James Zanasiu, Ender, Ken, and possibly Dragore.

The former three evaucated the base, but later returned and installed a force field so that the base will one day be inhabitable. However, they miscalculated the length of time it would take to finish filtering the air, and so remained in irradiated Las Vegas several months after the base was inhabitable. (Ground One)

During this time, on February 31st, 3009, several members of the away team arrived in the sublevels.Through a series of events involving multi-dimensional travel to Gaman, the away team mostly escaped back to their home universe, save for Snow, Neku, Hawkeye, Vic, and Kagetora, all of whom escaped in Hawkeye's shuttlecraft. (Card of Ten)

Years later, a small team of researchers entered Pelvanida and reactivated the bridge, hoping to discover a cure to the Time Plague. Only the traveller was able to jump through in time. (Find the Cure!)




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