Pestilence is an experiment that had shown up within Drake's hideout shortly after War had been activated.

Pestilence is based off one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, representing disease, hence the bugs flying around the creature.

It seems to only wear a cloth around its hips and nothing else.

Pestilence traveled to New Peenemunde Harbor to steal a plane, where he encountered Rudyard Shelton and Yuri Kerzach. He killed all but one of the pilots and attempted to force Shelton to join him on his plane, but Shelton and Kerzach flew their own plane with ROSS' help, and created chlorine gas to prevent Pestilence from attacking them with bugs.

Pestilence traveled to the oil rig and tried to kill Shelton when he encountered him again. Hoever he died when he was punched into the ocean by Gustave Chiumbo.

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