The playhouse was a place on Gaman where the townsfolk could watch plays or laugh at grotesque individuals.

When James' team visited the town during the medieval era, they witnessed a fat woman and a hairy man being laughed at on stage. They then saw Snow and Neku paraded on stage, who had been captured by Menken and sold to the playhouse. Siberys, in an attempt to rescue them, fired his pistol and caused pandemonium. In the chaos, James, Zachary, Siberys, Snow, and Neku were captured, with only Hans escaping. The captured team mates were later taken to King Gamas.

Later, during the industrial revolution period, James noticed on a newspaper that the playhouse had been refurbished, and the first new show had been watched by Premier Jacade and his concubine Seska. (Card of Ten)

Later that day after the planet was exploding, Werner led his men into the playhouse to steal a shuttlecraft that was stored underneath the trapdoor. He knocked out the two shuttle guards and managed to escape the planet before everything was destroyed. (Ship of State)

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