The repulsor, as Dolon nicknamed it (it was otherwise unnamed) was a device designed to allow its user to grab, throw, and otherwise manipulate objects from a distance.

Appearance and FunctionEdit

While trying to explain the item's appearance to Achates, Dolon described it as "a reflective donut-shaped thing with a handle, lever, and trigger." This description did not help Achates identify the item.

The attractor/repulsor effect was achieved by pulling the trigger either forwards or backwards and pointing it at the desired object.


It was part of Sir Beys' private collection of expensive weapons while assistant to the CEO of SORA Gas & Electric. While DS-1 was there, Dolon broke into Beys' closet and stole it. When cornered by guards in an office, he fought his way out using only the repulsor and items within reach as ranged bludgeoning weapons. Later he used it to fight Sir Beys, where it proved an equal to the latter's telekinetic powers.

It is unknown if the device survived to return to Dragonstorm, as it was never mentioned after this incident. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2).


The weapon is clearly modeled off the gravity gun from Half Life 2. LettuceBacon&Tomato said that originally he considered it too cliche to just mimic a gun that he liked from a video game, but then thought, "if Neku gets lightsabers, I can have a gravity gun."

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