Roy Hawkeye was a freelance soldier at Pelvanida at the time of the terrorist invasion.

Character historyEdit

Februay 2009Edit

Hawkeye was a avian cybersoldier with many different enhancements embedded within his body. He had so many cybernetic parts that part of his conscious had become artificial, which he kept merged with his organic conscience through will and composure.

He joined James' team and played an important role in many of the events of the Pelvanida Incident. (Darwin's Soldiers)

before July 2009Edit

Because he didn't seem to actualy be employed at Pelvanida, he was not affected by the government blacklists that hit everyone who played a part in repulsing the terrorists from Pelvanida. However, he was still picked by James Zanasiu as part of his team to travel through the Einstein-Rosen bridge, though the attempt appeared to be a failure. (Card of Ten)

July 2009Edit

Hawkeye continued to serve with James' team. He was with them when they sieged Pelvanida and uprooted Dragonstorm, making firends with a rescued Dragonstorm experiment named Ridley. He escaped the base before it was destroyed by Crimson Base. (Survival of the Fittest)

before September 2009Edit

At some point, Hawkeye was contacted by Dragonstorm fringe group Oruboros, who convinced him to betray James' team and work for Dragonstorm. He, Neku, Slash, Agito, and Kagetora agreed to pretend to be working with James' team until the time came to reveal their true colors.

September 2009Edit

After participating in a number of important missions, Hawkeye and the other Oruboros sympathizers (sans Neku, who was away) rebelled in the middle of Crimson Base. They were soon incapacitated, and they all claimed to have been 'brainwashed' by chips in their head. James accepted their apology and they were allowed to rejoin the team. He continued to serve with them up to the final showdown on the oil rig.

After the Dragonstorm incident, Admiral Donald Tennes offered Hawkeye 5 million dollars in hush money. (Disruptive Selection)


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