The Sapaar are a faction living on Gaman.


The Sapaar civilization formed after the Gamanian civilization. They contested the belief that Gamas wrote the holy texts, claiming he stole them from a being named Sapaar. The Sapaar were driven undergorund for their beliefs, and for hundreds of years lived in underground tunnels and caverns away from the Gaman. During this time, their eyes became more susceptible to light, and their skin grew pale.

When James' team disrupted the Gamanians during the medieval period, they left behind a large amount of advanced scientific equipment, which the Sapaar obtained and used to become the dominant faction on the planet. Using this technology, they reached the planets industrial era impossibly quickly. The monarchy was disbanded, replaced with a premiership which only Sapaar could hold.

When Jacade was Premier, James' team returned, this time helping the Gamanians overthrow the Sapaar. The Sapaar activated a doomsday device rather than give up control of the planet. (Card of Ten)

Two shuttlecraft worth of Sapaar were able to escape the planet's destruction, where they settled on Gaman's moon with Trano as their leader. Their camp was constantly at odds with the camp of surviving Gamanians. (Ship of State)

Notable SapaarEdit