The shuttle guards were two Sapaar soldiers who guarded the shuttlecraft in the playhouse during the day of Gaman's destruction.

Character historyEdit

When Werner led his men to storm the playhouse, he incapacitated the guards with a lead pipe. He then dumped them outside and prepared to leave the planet, but found that he did not know how to fly the plane. One of the guards convinvced Werner to let them both in on the arrangement that he helps Werner fly the shuttle. After they successfully escaped Gaman, the two were beaten unconscious by the angry Gaman people, but Werner saved their lives.

Later on Gaman's moon, Werner traded them to the Sapaar camp in exchange for food.

On the day of the hurricane, when Werner asked for Gaman and Sapaar to rally behind him, the two guards were the first of the Sapaar to step forward. All the others soon followed their lead. (Ship of State)


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