For the anti-matter copy see Snow (anti-matter).

For the virtual copy see Snow (AI).

Snow was an experiment at Pelvanida Research Base.

Character sheetEdit

Snow's original character sheet was as follows:

Name: Snow

Creator: Mirumoto_Kenjiro
Age: 6 (maturity of 20)
Species: Anthromorphic White German Shepherd Dog
Faction: Experiments
Specializations: Psionic powers
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: Telepathy (communicate with others to an extent), Pyrokenesis (create and control fire)
Personality: Shy, very cautious, reluctant to be with the scientists and other experiments, now frightened as the terrorists attacked the base.

Character historyEdit

Snow was trapped in Dr. Josephine Smithson's office when the terrorists attacked. She and Dr. joe were trapped by falling debris and were rescued by James' team. She formed a close bond with Neku and together they helped James' team eradicate the terrorists from Pelvanida (Darwin's Soldiers)


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