The Spectrum rifle was one of four prototype Pisces Model IV rifles invented in Canada The Experimental Spectrum Rifle worked by locking on several targets and calibrating a beam of prismatic light (also called "heavy light") to bounce between targets striking all locked on assailants at once. Unfortunately after a single shot it needed to recharge its power core for ten minutes. It also came with an automated response system that would answer questions if the speaker had proper clearance.

In July 2009 the Canadian VIP brought the rifle to Pelvanida with the intent of offering it for military auction. Dragonstorm had him killed to obtain the weapon for free, however, Frederick Clyco survived the assassination attempt and kept hold of the rifle himself, allying with James' team for safety. Dr. Fenton Bradley asked the rifle several questions before passing it off to Clyco. Clyco cleared the Pelvanida control room of enemies with a single shot, and later vaporized two Dragonstorm security guards in the Advanced Weapons Testing Room as vengeance for Sam Cardon. (Survival of the Fittest)

After all of this, Clyco returned the gun to Canada, and Canada strengthened its borders against Dragonstorm, ensuring the organization never touched Canadian soil. (Disruptive Selection)

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