Stetson MacLee was a member of DS-1, the team sniper. His codename in Dragonstorm was Hippolytes.

Character historyEdit

before September 2009Edit

Stetson came from a family of prestigious Scottish bodyguards, but was drummed out of the profession when he killed his employer for insulting his height.

Hipolytes went on numerous missions with DS-1, including the theft of the solar panel array from the Zzyzx Desert Studies Center.

On what would be DS-1's penultimate mission, they were sent to SORA Gas & Electric to investigate the disappearance of DS-4, who was last seen there. Like the rest of the team, Hippolytes surrendered his weapons at the door, but managed to smuggle an unassembled sniper rifle in.

In Sir Beys' office, the team was attacked by autoturrets, and Hippolytes was badly wounded by atuoturrets and left by the team. At some point, he managed to escape on hs own accord.

He reached the primary generator in time to save Dolon from Sir Beys, and later blew a grenade that caused the base to collapse. He was killed in the process.

Afterwards, Amphinomus decided that the new 6th member of DS-1 would continue to use the codename Hippolytes, in honor of Mr. MacLee. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2)


  • Stetson MacLee was the only member of DS-1 except Rudyard Shelton whose name was revealed.
  • MacLee was the only team casualty in Nietzsche's Soldiers 2.
  • MacLee's codename, Hippolytes, doesn't appear to correlate to any notable Greek individuals. The closest matches are Hippolytus, son of Theseus, and his mother Hippolyte.