Cross-story trivia regarding the Darwin's Soldiers stories.

The Away team quadrologyEdit

(Card of Ten, Ship of State, Ground One, Pavlov's Checkmate)

  • Card of Ten has more main characters than any other story, since all thirteen away team members and Seska are included.
  • Hawkeye is the only away team member to appear in three stories, since he gets an off-screen line in Ship of State. He's also the only character other than James who was on both Gaman missions in Card of Ten.
  • Every away team member except James, Siberys, and Lockdown appear in two stories.
  • Due to the large number of sequels, only two characters have their full story told in Card of Ten; James and Siberys.
  • At the end of Pavlov's Checkmate, Steven Johnson mentions his intention to write a book chronicling everything the away team went through, by interviewing himself, Oscar Shelton, and Dr. Joe (the three who made it back to Earth). It turns out that between the three of them, they witnessed every important event of Card of Ten and Pavlov's Checkmate. However, none of them witnessed anything that happened in Ship of State or Ground One.

Nietzsche's Soldiers trilogyEdit

(Nietzsche's Soldiers, Nietzsche's Soldiers 2, Nietzsche's Soldiers 3)

  • No one character appears in all three stories, though Rudyard Shelton appears in two and gets an unnamed mention in the last.
  • NS1 is subtitled Will to Power and NS3 is subtitled Super Men. NS2 does not have a subtitle. This referenes how exactly two of the GOF Darwin's Soldiers role-plays have subtitles as well (the first does not).
  • If Schrodinger's Prisoners is considered a part of the trilogy due to it's close connections with Nietzsche's Soldiers 1, then Ian Branston, Bruce Tinner, Eddie McKay, and the James Zanasiu AI appear in two stories, and Rudyard Shelton appears in three.

MrDrake's storiesEdit

(New Divide, Zero Hour, Gamer)

  • Hailey is the only character to appear in two stories.
  • While Gamer never directly states that Hailey is naked for the entire story, MrDrake confirmed it in outside conversation. This is enforced by her character sprite in the Gamer 2 video game.

All storiesEdit

  • Five stories are tied for the least amount of main characters: Schrodinger's Prisoners, Ship of State, Fool's Gold, Zero Hour, and Gamer.
  • Three stories are tied for the highest mortality rate among main characters: Nietzsche's Soldiers, Fool's Gold, and Ground One. Of these, Ground One has the most main characters, with six.

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