Sean Benford, also known as Subject 16, is an experiment created at Trinity Facility. He wore a blindfold as his eyes had been gouged out before September 2009 by Subject 19. However this did not affect his ability to walk around and perform any sort of common action as he could use low-frequency soundwaves to see with echo-location. Despite being an experiment Trinity has specifically stated she had high plans for, he never showed any other sort of power other than a high level of observance and intellect.

Character historyEdit

September 2009Edit

When James' team assaulted Trinity Facility, Aydin Marcos found a message asking that somebody rescue him. Aydin did so. Subject 16 later located Kain from his hiding place and supplied the necessary chip to control Kain to blow up his own facility.

He followed the team until they assaulted Lab 101. Originally part of Team A, he willingly separated from the team and reached the primary generators,where he met Yuri Kerzach. Suspecting that Kerzach was an ally, he worked with him to destroy the primary generators. However, he was badly wounded by a guard attack, and was not able to escape the blast radius. (Disruptive Selection)

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