Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer online shooter.

In Darwin's SoldiersEdit

When the Alts were temporarily homeless after their raid on Carriage Returns exposed their old server as the origin of their hacks, they relax on an abandoned TF2 server while a new server is found. The map they play includes a bridge connecting two fortresses, probably 2fort.

ROSS tricked the server into thinking he'd unlocked the Sandman. (Byte Me)

Alt Class Team
Queen_of_Roots Engineer RED
Marquee_DeLeet Sniper RED
EarlBlack Heavy BLU
lordhowell Pyro BLU


  • The text mentions that the Alts play exclusively hitscan classes because they don't have the ability to understand projectiles, however ROSS repeatedly and accurately uses the baseball from his Sandman. This is foreshadowing the fact that he's secretly more advanced than his teammates.

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