The Professor was a man who lived on Gaman near the end of its history.

Character historyEdit

The Professor had memories of the first time James' team visited Gaman, and he never forgave the team for what they did to the planet and its people.

Many years later, when the Sapaar had taken over, the Professor lived in the city and gave the basement of his house to the Union to use as a headquarters.

When James' team visited a second time, Werner sent them to talk to the Professor to get the data they needed regarding the Blended Time Paradox. The Professor cooly acquiesced and ripped a page out of one of his books, giving it to them.

The Professor was never mentioned after, so it is unknown if he participated in the assault on the nuclear power plant, or survived Gaman's destruction. It is likely, however, that he did not. (Card of Ten)


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