For the last leader of Crimson Base, see Thomas Sterm.

Thomas Stern was a secret agent sent by Crimson Base to aid James' team on a number of important occasions. He is Noname's primary character.

Character sheetEdit

The initial character sheet (posted by Noname) is as follows:

Name: Thomas Stern
Creator: Noname

Age: 23
Species: Human
Class: Soldier (Corporal)
Faction: Allied.
Appearance: White, green eyes, brown hair, 6'5, military fatigues, boots, helmet, gloves, sub-machine.
Specializations: Firearms, explosives.
Personality: Tough, good, quick to fight but quick to trust under the right circumstances

Some time between role-plays, Stern was promoted to Captain.

Character historyEdit

July 2009Edit

Stern came falling out of the sky near the end of the ordeal. He arrived soon enough to participate in the car chase through Las Vegas and escaped Pelvanida alive. (Survival of the Fittest)

September 2009Edit

Stern was at James' house at the beginning of the role-play, and joined the team for most of the initial missions. He met his old friend Aimee and deepened their friendship, but was left behind by the team after everyone was split up during the Schutzhund competition. He later joined the team again, this time bringing an old friend Aydin.

Later, he met Seymour Brotherton, an old friend-turned-rival, in a bar while with Hans and Werner Donitz. As a favor to Hans and Werner, he spent a long car ride with Brotherton, and never returned. (Disruptive Selection)

October 2009Edit

Later Stern was stationed at Carson City camp. He was on duty monitoring incoming phone calls when James Zanasiu called Aisha Tennes regarding locating the missing Hans. (Pavlov's Checkmate)


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