The Union was a name used by the Gamanians who opposed the Sapaar rule on their planet following a successful takeover using the equipment left behind by James' team.

The Union was started by Werner, and its headquarters was located in The Professor's basement.

The Sapaar had spies infiltrating the Union's ranks to keep tabs on them, such as Brut. The Union was aware of the presence of spies but had little luck identifying them.

When James' team returned a second time, Werner brought them to the headquarters, and announced that with their help they could now fight and destroy the Sapaar. A large number of Union members assaulted the nuclear power plant and took it over. (Card of Ten)

Unfortunately, the Sapaar destroyed the planet rather than surrender, and only a very small amount of Union members escaped the planet in shuttlecrafts. There's they settled on Gaman's moon, still under Werner's leadership. (Ship of State)

Known personnelEdit

  • Seska (considered herself a member, but not everyone did)

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