War was a rather dangerous experiment that was created by Drake and released by Soundwave to take care of Hailey.

War was based upon one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, complete with flaming hair, a flaming sword and metal boots, to say the least about the creature. It is shown to have some form of telekinesis, by whispering something into Hailey's mind, which caused her to retaliate back with saying "No", however, what War had told her is currently unknown.

Las VegasEdit

War had once again, shown up in Las Vegas, where he took on Neku in a one on one fight on the Las Vegas Strip. He was heard insulting Neku multiple times throughout the battle in regards to how unskilled he was compared to that of his own skill.

Some of his powers had been revealed within the battle against Neku, including that of generated dark electricity from his blade, along with the ability to create fissures in the ground, after stabbing the ground with his sword. It should also be noted that War is able to use his sword with on hand and still able to keep Neku at bay while his other free hand would be able to reach out and grab Neku's throat.

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