William Shakespeare was an English playwright and poet who lived in London in the 16th century. He wrote a number of plays and became very famous years after his death.

In Darwin's SoldiersEdit

A Shakespeare clone was among the experiments created and stored in the sublevels. The clone wrote at least one play, Jessica Boyle of Escondido, before being destroyed by Cale. (Darwin's Soldiers (GOF))

A copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare was brought by somebody on the voyage through the Einstein-Rosen Bridge in March 2009. The copy was brought to Gaman by James Zanasiu and became the basis for the Gamanian culture's morals and society, though only the Sapaar believe that Shakespeare wrote them. (Card of Ten)

Aisha Tennes quoted Act 1 Scene 3 of Hamlet, one of his plays, in September 2009. (Disruptive Selection)

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