Xanthus is part of a group called the Hunters, designed specifically to capture the Dragonstorm experiment known as Viper. He is an Arctic Wolf with a strange, and myserious mechanical eye.

Introduction to the RPEdit

He was first introduced in Las Vegas where he and his team had meet up with Aimee, Viper, Zara and Dr. Hazel Zoula, where he gave orders to kill all, but capture Viper alive. However, things took a turn for the worse for him when each of his team members were killed.

Yet, he was spared in the end by Aimee, to take as her prisoner. He agreed to do so without any hessitation at all.

Staying in Las VegasEdit

He and Aimee remained in Las Vegas as Viper and Zara took off to Washington D.C. The two of them remained in a motel for the time being as they waited for James and the others to pick them up. However, he did decided to have a second fight with Aimee in the rain, beating her in the end, yet, he did not kill her and instead, took her back to the motel where he gave Aimee an icepack.

Soon enough, after Aimee was asleep while Xanthus remained awake, using his mechanical eye to retrieve information on who Aimee actually was. However, he had so far found no information on her, yet, he did find information on both Hailey and Aydin, two others that have had connections to Aimee.

Later during a moment of weakness following an assault by Death he was killed by Aimee.

His Mechanical EyeEdit

The use of his mechanical eye, or how he had come about to posess such an item is currently unknown. The use of it, is mainly unknown, but so far, it is shown that he is able to retrieve information on who he requires. But where the information comes from is still unknown.

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