Zach was a scientist who worked at Pelvanida. His assistant was Hunter Iailus.

Character historyEdit

When the terrorists attacked, Zach joined with a group of scientific personnel and experiments to beat back the invaders. He survived numerous shootouts in the event, and assumed a leading role on the team. (Darwin's Soldiers (Furtopia)) However, it is unlikely he survived the bio-bomb dropped by Crimson Base. (Ground One)



  • Zach was quickly written up as a replacement for James Zanasiu when the latter became holed up in a lab with Ender McThair, whose author had unceremoniously dropped out of the RP. Because of this, he is arguably more of a protagonist than James is.
  • However, Zach never had a character sheet posted, leaving him in a similar position to Zachary Johnson. Due to his leading role, he is nevertheless considered a main character.

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